Three Pillars of Sustainability

GrowthPoint recognizes the importance of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Our structures are designed, manufactured and installed to exceed CHPS and LEED criteria.


Environmental Sustainability

  • GrowthPoint Structures are made from 85% reclaimed materials and exceed LEED Platinum requirements by 150%. Each standard 1280 sf classroom diverts 22-tons of waste from our local landfills reducing waste and minimizing the impact on natural resources.

Economic Sustainability

  • We designed our product to be cost-effective so schools can afford a quality sustainable product and save operational and lifecycle costs. The strength and durability of the structures provides a significant savings to the customer because minimal repairs and replacement are needed.

Social Sustainability

  • Our structures are designed to deliver a high performance learning environment with natural light, fresh air and a quality acoustics. Each classroom provides a safe and inspiring space for children to develop and grow.